Six Characteristics That Maintains The Organizational Culture

I believe most of the company’s have following 6 rules or characteristics that makes a good culture to work with.

The seven characteristics are as follows:

1. Expectations :-

Each every employer working in a company has its own expectations from the company. The company’s culture mostly depends on the fulfillment of the employers expectations. Its better to go for excellence and work in such a way that you should be criticized for showing lack of initiative.

2. Rules :-

Generally each and every company has its own do’s and don’ts. Its better for an individual to follow those do’s and don’ts because if they

are not followed it’s a black mark on the individual character.

3. Interactions :-

Generally employees working together are human beings. Every human being should have a attitude of gratitude. For a friendly environment to work on every individual must have some sort of appreciation for the others. Even it deals with the way how a individual interacts with the Boss and the management.

4. Dress Code :-

Generally Dress Code is what shows personality of an individual. A good wardrobe generally makes it easy for an

individual to grow and to show leadership qualities. So be in proper attire.

5. Be Fast :-

Generally every organization has a very fast paced environment. Many of the individual tasks are deadline-driven. So its better to be in pace with the company’s requirement.

6. Competitiveness :-

Competition, Competition, Competition …. This is what you will find everywhere. If you are in a reputed company or an organization than maintaining a culture you must be competitive with the others in every field. Doing task at a fast paced , learning from experience , finishing most of the projects in a small time shows that you are a competitive person among others. 

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