Sms Language Emoticons And Short Electronic Messaging

You can show how you are feeling by using symbols to represent a face . These are called Emoticons . Generally when you see a symbol like this ':-)' . It symbolises a face, when you turn your face 90 degrees and see to this symbol you generally see two eyes , one nose and one lip . I am presenting you with a few symbols which you can sms to your friends and show your present feelings , emotions etc..... Some of them are :

:-) symbolises that you are happy .

:-( symbolises that you are unhappy .

;-) symbolises that

you are winking .

:-D symbolises that you are laughing .

:-Q symbolises that something you don't understand .

:'-( symbolises that you are crying .

:- symbolises that you are bored .

:-* symbolises "kiss" .

:-O symbolises that you are surprised .

:-X symbolises that you're lips are sealed and you won't tell it to anyone .

:-- symbolises that you are teasing them .

Just see this symbols upside down and you will definitely see a face performing these things .

Text messages , chat room messages and sometimes emails can be written using the smallest number of letters possible . Pronouns , prepositions and articles may be omitted and abbreviations are widely used . These are some examples of how words might be shown in a message :

2DAY - today

2NITE - tonight
ASAP - as soon as possible
ATB - all the best
B4 - before
B4N - bye for now
BBL - be back later
BTW - by the way
CUL8R - see you later
F2F - face to face
FWIW - for what it's worth
FYI - for your information
GR8 - great
HAND - have a nice day
ILU - I love you
IMHO - in my humble opinion
KIT - keep in touch
LOL - lots of love / luck or laughing out loud
MSG - message
MYOB - mind your own business
NO1 - no one
PCM - please call me
PLS - please
SOM1 - someone
SPK - speak
THX - thanks
WAN2 - want to
WKND - weekend
X - kiss
XLNT excellent
XOXO - hugs and kisses
YR - your 

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