Some Cool Facts In Petroleum Refining

Hello friends, Today I have collected some of the cool facts related to petroleum refining. 

Petroleum products such as gasoline , kerosene , home heating oil , lubricating oil , residual fuel oil come from one source- crude oil found below the earth's surface , as well as under large bodies of water , from a few hundred feet below the surface to as deep as 25000 feet into earth's interior .

Some times crude oil is been secured by drilling a hole into earth's interior . Either pressure at the source or the pumping forces the crude oil to the surface


Petroleum products vary say in physical apperance as thin , thick ,transparent, opaque , but as I have studied there chemical composition is made

of hydrogen and carbon , forming hydrocarbons. Other elements are found in trace quantity and generally, they are disregarded.

The various petroleum products are refined by heating crude oil and then condensing vapours. These products are the so called light oils , such as gasoline , kerosene and distillate oil. The residual remaining after the light oils are distilled is known as heavy or residual fuel oil and mostly used as for burning in the boilers.

Various other methods are applied to get good quality of petroleum products such as condensation , polymerization , crystallization etc.......

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