Some Interesting Facts Related To Birds.

Hello friends, Today I have collected some of the interesting facts and figures related to some beautiful creatures called as Birds. Generally these facts are very interesting for the person who don't know anything about the birds.

Do birds know how to come back after a long flight ?.

Birds scientists , known as ornithologists , say that birds know exactly where they are and where their nests are . Even the young ones can fly hundreds of nautical miles without losing their way.
How do they do it ?.

God has given them tremendous sense of direction; possibly they have a compass

of sorts in their brain . Every year we can see birds from north India fly to south.

In India we have several birds sanctuaries where birds

from both parts of the globe come , spend a few months and return when climatic condition in their homeland are more favourable.

When it is winter in the northern hemisphere , it is summer in the southern hemisphere.
The birds which cannot stand the cold climate fly to the warmer regions . They are called migratory birds .

They can fly non-stop up to twenty hours or so in just one stretch and cover a few hundred miles in one stop. These birds generally fly in groups ....

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