Some Unknown And Important Facts About The World Most Famous Countries And Terminologies

Q 1. What makes tsunami such a deadly wave ?......

A 1. What makes tsunamis so deadly is the amount of water they move and the speed they travel . A normal wave , usually created by the wind , only affects the top 30 feet of the ocean and moves slowly . In a tsunami , the entire section of ocean from top to bottom rushes away from the quake site at nearly 800 kilometres an hour . Furthermore , it travels so stealthily that if you were sitting on a boat on the open ocean and it passed under

you , you might not even notice it .

Q 2. What is famous American SETI project ?......

A 2. SETI is the Search For Extraterrestrial

Intelligence group , located in Berkeley , CA . They have been searching for other life for more than 40 years . The project is dedicated to the search for radio signals from space indicating the existence of life beyond that of Earth's .

Q 3. What is Deja vu ? .........

A 3. Deja vu is the peculiar feeling that a place , situation , person , action , or conversation is familiar and has already been experienced . Ocassionally deja vu is accompanied with precognition . Some theorists believe deja vu is information that is received in dream state and recognized or retrieved again when coming upon the actual person , place or event .

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