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When you wake up in the morning , you pray for some good things to happen for you , but in true reality your day might go bad or might go as you wish . For the people who go to work pray that they should earn more money which they have earned a day before . Some pray to achieve success in their life in a fast speed. Some pray for happy life. Some of them even pray that all their friends and girlfriend should not fight to them again . But do you think praying works ? I


We should always start our day with something positive. To begin we should always see , hear or read something good . Say if you read newspaper , always read the part of sports , because reading about somebody victory would definitely have positive impact on your thoughts and if its your own country than it

is just big bonus.

If we have a nice sleep overnight , than our mind is free from tension and at early morning it will definitely feed up the positive things you read or see or do. Due to this whole day there is good flow of the positive thought . Kindly do this for a few day and believe me you will not only make it a habit but it will also boost up your confidence immensely . If you follow these basic steps you would definitely will become a winner .

William James of Harvard University said , "If you really want to change your lifestyle then the best way is to do it right now ". So why are you reading ?...... (shout) ....... just go and follow that's it ...... he..he..he...

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