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Once an Eagle's egg somehow went in the nest of chicken . In that nest it got mix up with the eggs of the chicken . When the right time of the hatch came , the small eagle came out of the egg . He grew up thinking that he is a chicken . He only did what the chicken did . He searched for the rice , wheat etc what the chicken did . He produced the sound which the chicken produced . He kept flying only to few feet because the chicken also flew that much.

One day he

saw an Big Eagle flying high up in the sky . He asked the old chicken , "What is the name of that beautiful bird ? ". Chicken replied , "That's an Eagle . She is one of the most fast , beautiful and splendid bird . But you can not fly high like her because you are a chicken " .
That baby Eagle
unknowingly believed that he is chicken and lived the life of chicken , and died also like a chicken.

What was the moral of the story ?....
The moral of the story was that a bad , negative company will always destroy you.
You are born to win like an eagle but when you come to negative influences you live life of a chicken and die without achieving your goal to fly high . If we want to achieve success and say easy money we have to live the life of eagle and will have to learn the tactics of eagle not the chicken. But doing this is not easy , we will have to face negative sayings and obstacle in life.... Make your personality like an eagle and believe that you're born to win and not to lose , in any bad situation you face .......

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