Struggle Is The Only Way To Success

History tells us that those who are successful in their life, have faced a lot of obstacles in their life which are demotivating and full of frustation . They are successful because they never got upset in their defeats and struggled for more.


Once there was a professor of Biology who taught there students that how caterpillar converts to butterfly. He told them not to help the caterpillar in coming out the cover. After saying this he went out of the laboratory. Students kept on waiting for the butterfly to come out of the cover. She was struggling to get out

of the cover , seeing this students felt pity on the butterfly and tried to help the butterfly to come out of the cover. Doing this , made butterfly to come out of the cover without any problems . But as soon as she
came out of the cover , she died .


When the professor returned he heard all the situations from their students and told them that the struggle that butterfly would have faced in coming out of the cover would have provided strength to her body and to her wings , but your help made her lost her life. You have not allowed her , to face the obstacles .

Same thing applies to the life , if you want to achieve something than you have to struggle for it .

Getting help from others would never make you strong from inside , only it will make you some easy in your life.

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