Swimming The Best Exercise To Keep Body Healthy And Relaxed

Swimming is an important means of exercise. It may sometimes help us in saving our life when we are being drowned. Swimming is a very good physical exercise and a good way of relaxation and recreation. Swimming is balance between work and rest. It also serves as a means of body-building.

Every sailor and fisherman must know how to swim. On it depends his safety. Swimming in the cold water pool and all gives immense pleasure. Some learn swimming in a river or a pond. Sailors swim in the open sea. Some also dare to learn it themselves. Some people who

are very cautious of their health swim daily as part of exercise. It has already been given pride in world sports. It is also a very good hobby. Though people have neglected swimming as a sport, India has
many world class swimmers such as Mihir sen, Anita sood and so…these names have made the nation proud few swimmers have also broken world records. Even in Olympic Games men & women have acquired a rightful position in the art of swimming & have become champions..

There are some disadvantages of swimming. It may affect our health once we swim beyond our capacity. We may also suffer from pneumonia some go deep up to the surface but are unable to reach to the surface. They are drowned.

On the whole, swimming is a good sport and also a means of exercise.

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