Top 10 Best Playstation Games Of 2011

Hello friends , today I am presenting before you best possible list of top ten playstation games of 2011. This year has been huge in Playstation games , XBox games etc. I have played all of the games I have presented in my list , and believe me they are wonderful and amazing. You will definitely like my list and have a go at it. The list I am presenting before you is my personal favorate. This christmas would be a playful one , just either buy it or have a present to your dear ones .

The list of my

favorate top ten games of 2011 is as follows :

1. God of War 3 .

2. Red Dead Redemption .

3. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony .

4. Assassins

Creed 2 : Brotherhood .

5. Just Cause 2 .

6. Army of Two : the 40th Day .

7. Final Fantasy XIII .

8. Aliens Vs Predator .

9. Skate 3 .

10. Lost Planet 2 .

I hope you like these top ten best playstation games as I do. This list would also have included some of my other best favorate games such as Far Cry 2 , Fallout 3 and Call of Duty series .... But I think above top ten games are far best to be included in the best playstation games of 2011. Kindly give your comments and suggestions below , It will be great help in my further postings .  

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