Top 6 Terribly Violent Movies Ever Made

Hello friends , today I am posting a article related to top six movies that contains violence to the peak of its fear. This list contains six movies which are been voted as highest blood falling apart movies. The list of such movies goes like this :

1. Cannibal Holocaust

It was the most controversial movie ever made by Italian director Ruggero Deodato. It was one of the most realistic and horror flicks ever made about cannibals. The film was shoot in the Amazon rain forest. It showed footage of a group of filmmakers that went into the wild forest for stuff

only to meet a grisly end.


2. 300

This film has a lot of violence. It consist of a group of Spartans and their way to blood shedding death. Full movie has bood everywhere, limbs are blown off, heads in the air. The movie is been made with a lot of action , bodies pile up into a wall of bodies.


3. The Passion of Christ

Mel Gibson's one of the best work in portraying the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He directed last 12 hours alive of jesus life which were summed up to a real life experience. Well known critic Ebert said, that it was the most violent film he had ever seen.


4. I

Spit On Your Grave

This movie tells a story of a woman vacationing in the woods. She is then gets captured by a group of men who rape her brutally. She escapes from there and later she makes way to seduce all of those and kills them.


5. Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino's is the director of this two-volume movie is a journey of blood shedding and music. Its the story of the Bride played by Uma Thurman. The movie is the best revenge movie made ever. The movie depicts journey of a women to fulfill its revenge and full of blood on the ground.


6. The Wild Bunch

The movie is full of cowboys people who drift through a world that has no use for them anymore. The movie is full of violence. The movie was one good example of terror and violence all around.

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