Top Hints On Good And Efficient Essay Writing

1. General Preparation:-
Generally a newbie who is writing an essay for the first time faces difficulties because they don't have much content or matter to write. They lack a opinion for subject which they are unfamiliar. This also happens if they have less experience and quite limited to reading. This problem can be overcome by reading as much as possible and sharpening power of observation. He has to go for following three things:-

(a) Reading :- A person who reads more, stores more. That is if a person reads more and more he can develop power in facts, thoughts, illustrations

and information. Thus in order to write an essay as a expert you need to acquire a love of reading because it will provide you in depth knowledge of related topics.

(b) Observation :- Generally reading books doesn't provide us with complete knowledge, we also need to acquire knowledge by observing things and happenings around us. Generally it is said to write something good you need to keep your eyes as well as ear open and also observe more and more to increase experience around you. One good way to keep increasing power of observation is to write short descriptions of what you see around, for example describe in short tree , streets, animals around you.

(c) Conversation :- Generally reading and observing things will keep up the good work. But if you are indulge in discussions with experience people who know more in the subject, will make you learn and write good. So one more good way is to talk to people, discuss the subjects and get their experiences.

2. Special Preparation :-
After general preparation we come to Special Preparation needed to write an essay which is good, for this we need to first have an idea do define a particular subject or idea.

(a) Defining the Subject :- Generally before attempting to write an efficient essay you must have a clear and accurate idea about the subject. Lets take an example of "The Uses of Internet" so you must have a clear idea about how internet works not about the history of internet. Students do make a mistake of not understanding the subject and tend to write unnecessary matter about the subject which is waste and unwanted.

(b) Collecting materials :-
Now that you have the clear and accurate idea about the subject, the next thing you need is what actually you can say about it. Thus reading up the subject is necessary. This requirement gets fulfilled by going in depth of the subject to get necessary information. If you are about to write an essay

say on history event then you have to gather all the knowledge by reading books that state the happenings of the event. This is also the special gather of information which helps you in writing a good essay. Generally collection is the word which you have to get when it comes to gathering of that special information such as whenever you think about a subject, idea , facts will pass through your mind and its your job to catch them for use. If they gets away you cant use them when you actually need them. So whenever such things happen do write that on paper and use it as feedback for the essay.

(ii)Selection :-
Selection comes into picture when you have the confidence that you have clear , accurate and collected enough data about the subject, then from all those data you have collected your job is to select the best points. This selection of best points comes through experience and practice. Generally selection gets easier when you go through all the notes and ideas you have again and again. The selection procedure generally gets easier when you choose the points which are in flow and in order.

(iii) Logical Arrangement :- After selecting the best points out the rough notes, the job gets down to just make those points in an order. This fulfills one of the characteristics of good essay that is to make it in order. The order is generally the logical arrangements of thoughts and ideas.
(iv) Making the outline :- Now after having all the collection, selection, ordering , main job gets down to have a outline of the main heads under which you have to arrange materials in logical, natural and perfect order. You can divide it into say starting with a perfect introduction and having an effective conclusion.

(ii) Filling in the Outline :-
After having the main points to which we have to deal, we have to arrange the order of the collected ideas to each main heads. Our main focus in doing all these stuff is to get away all the irrelevant points. Generally this irrelevant points consist of waste and repetitive, thoughts and ideas. All the filling of the main headings with appropiate

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