Top List Of Instruments Of The Orchestra


There is a wide range of instruments that are usually played in an orchestra. Here are a few instruments commonly used.


Violin: it has a hollow wooden body which makes noise when we pull a bow over the strings.
Double bass: the largest and the deepest instrument is the double bass. Double bass players usually stand to play this instrument.
Cello: cello’s full name is violoncello. It is the third largest member of the violin family.
Viola: it is larger and deeper-voiced than the violin. It makes a greater amount of noise.
Harp: it has 48 strings of

different lengths. They are attached to thelenght and base and the side.

Flute: It is played through a blow hole at one end .bass flute is the larger version which plays lower notes.
Piccolo: Concert flute is the double of the piccolo. It plays the highest notes in the orchestra.
Clarinet: There are different types of clarinets. It can be played through a reed. Flat ones are most often played.
Bassoon: it plays the lowest notes from among all the woodwind instruments.

French horn: This is usually played by pursing the lips.french horn players’ play this instrument by constantly changing the shape of their lips. They play it by blowing into

the mouthpiece.
Trumpet: trumpets have three small buttons which are known as valves .they make different notes when pressed. It is conical and is tightly coiled metal tube that is called as the bell.
Trombone: it plays lower than the trumpet. It is made from the coiled metal .It contains a different section known as the side. This is moved in and out to create noise.
uba: usually there is only one tuba in the orchestra. It plays the lowest notes of all these brass instruments.

Timpani/kettledrums: these are made up of copper with a plastic skin that is even stretched over the top. There are at least 3 or 4 kettledrums.
Bass drum: bass drum is one of the most famous played instruments in the orchestra.
Various other instruments like the piano, organ, bells, castanets, gongs, marimbas, tambourines, guitars, mandolins and many others are also played. 

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