Top List Of Types Of Ships Around The World.

Ships are the most beautiful and well designed automotives ever developed by Humans. Generally Ships are not of one kind. There are various variations available for the ships. Some of the variations or types of ships are as follows :

BATTLESHIP: A large ship with armed weapons used while in a battle.
JUNK: The high sterner is the flat bottomed Chinese or Japanese ship sailing with two or three masts.
HYDROFOIL: It is a boat with a special device to lift the hull out of water. Therefore it increases speed.
FERRY: It is a port vehicle. It helps people and passengers

and things travel from one port to the other.
FRIGATE: It left the convoys to protect them from attack by submarines. These were introduced during the World War 2.
SUBMARINES: These are military vehicles that travel long distances under water. They are used to avoid detection. These can fire missiles. Some such special vehicles are used for undersea research.
YACHT: It is a sailing ship for pleasure cruises or racing.
GALLEY: It is a ship used in the earlier times by the oars.
GALLEON: It was first produced in 1529.
OIL TANKER: It’s a large vehicle that carries oil from oil fields to the other refineries.
BARGE: Generally Barge name
is been used for various ships which ranges from canal boat to a sailing cargo.
CATAMARAN: This type of boats have generally two hulls side by side.
CONTAINER SHIP: Generally these are the loading ships which are generally used for the carriage of the containers.
CRUISE SHIP: Generally the Cruise ships are the long journey ships which travels mostly in the ocean water and carry passengers to a long journeys across the oceans. They are also called as liners ship and have pleasure tours.
AIRCRAFT CARRIER: Generally used by Navy Army. These are the warships which carries aircraft within them so that at the time of war aircraft can take off from them.
CRUISER: Generally they are also the warship. They are fast and long range warships.
DESTROYER: It is a warship and been used as a small but powerful warship.
MINESWEEPER: It is a ship which is been used by the navy for the detection and destroying of the mines.  

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