Top List Of Types Of Trains In The World

Trains are the most wonderful long vehicles ever developed by Humans. Generally trains are not of one kind. There are various variations available for the trains. It is been pride for the human civilization that trains were made by them. If we talk about there existence, the period from which they came in to existence man life became easy. People all over the world have love for different trains. If we talk about the types of trains around the world, some of the names which are world famous are Monorail , Maglev, Rubber-Tyred Metro, Funnicular.

MONORAIL: Usually trains run on a

dual track. But this runs on a single track. It works while it straggles. The Tokyo monorail in Japan carries a heavy load of 100 million passengers. There are monorails in Malaysia, Australia and USA. Some American airports also have these monorails. Also the famous Disney world has a known monorail in Florida.
MAGLEV: Maglev is the word derived from magnetic and leviation.These trains run on magnetic effect and just float above the tracks. These trains travel very smoothly because there is lack of friction. They consume very little energy. It has been built in 2006-2010.they connect shanghai to Hangzhou. It was the first
maglev service.
RUBBER – TYRED METRO : Generally as the name suggests this train is rubber tyred. It is the train runs on the electricity and they run along tracked roadway. These trains can accelerate very much quickly and they generally have best tackle against the slopes. They were first introduced in the city of paris in the year 1950. Now these trains mostly runs on the cities of Canada, Montreal, Chile and Mexico City.
FUNICULAR: Funniculars word is been derived from the Latin word Funniculus. It means a thin rope. It goes up and down the hills and mountains very smoothly. They descend due to the force of gravity. These trains are generally used in mountains and in the hilly parts of the world. The steepest rail is katoomba scenic railway in New South Wales.
COG RAILWAY: These are mountain railways. It has a cog wheels that enables the track to move up smoothly. The snow don mountain railways is only one of such a kind in UK. 

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