Top List Of World Famous Cars

Car is the most wonderful vehicle ever developed by Humans. It is been pride for the human civilization that Cars were made by them. If we talk about there existence, the period from which they came in to existence man life became easy. Travelling to different parts of the country became easy for the people. People all over the world have love for different cars. If we talk about the famous cars around the world, some of the names which are world famous are Mercedes , Rolls Royce, Model t ford, Aston martin, Mini, Volkswagen beetle etc. If we talk

about there history and about there introduction it goes like this. The following list shows about the most famous cars of the world :

Mercedes: It has been made since 1901 when it was named Mercedes after the name of the daughter of Emil jellinek, the famous car company director. It is known as a German luxury car.
Rolls Royce: It was formed by Henry Royce and Charles rolls in 1906. It was a new luxury vehicle. Now the engines of the company are used worldwide.
Model t ford: It was pet named as tin

lizzie, and was made in USA in 1908. It was made by the ford motor company. The company owner is Henry ford in 1903. When it got produced a total of 16,536,070 was made. During that time more than half the total production used to be model t ford.
Aston martin: It is a luxury sports car made in UK in 1920s. It was one of the best featured and popular cars in the James bond films.
Mini: It was produced in UK in august 2000 more than a total of 5.3 million cars were built. It was the first British car to sell more than a million. Then again a brand new mini was launched in 2001.
Volkswagen beetle: It was founded by Ferdinand Porsche. Its first manufacturing took place in Germany in 1937.the production ended in 2003, a total of more than 21,529,463 of beetles were made. Then at last its production took roots in Brazil and Mexico. Its one more new version was produced in 1998.

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