Verbal And Non-verbal Forms Of Communications

What is verbal and non-verbal communication. ?.

Communication has two broad forms -

Verbal and Non-Verbal .

The basic necessity for verbal communication is language. Language skills are acquired from the childhood and continues forever more. This type of communication through a language is called Verbal communication. Further verbal communication may be oral or written. Whereas , non-verbal communication does not include any language , it is through facial expression , physical gestures , movements , actions , etc.......

Co-operation is an important factor between the sender and the receiver , in the absence of which , there can be no communication . Suppose

you speak to a person who is busy in some other work or use a language which he does not understand , there will be no communication. Therefore , sender is to be aware about the receiver his availability , language that he understands and his presence of mind.

Sender can use any form of communication , depending on the requirement of the situation and availability . Sender needs a message that

is to be conveyed , that is accordance to the demand of the situation.

Now , sender needs a medium to transmit the message to the receiver. The medium may be verbal i.e. a language or non-verbal like a set of symbols which stand for certain idea , feeling ,notion or thing . These symbols are to be encoded in a particular sequence or pattern to convey the meaning.......

The choice of medium or symbols totally depend on the situation and its demand . A manager , while wishing to communicate to his subordinates might use memo , notice , oral ,physical gestures , etc .. according to the demand and the purpose of the message which is accordance to the situation.....

Once the sender transmits the message , he expects response from the receiver. The response may be immediate or delayed ; it may be favourable or unfavorable . If a manager sends an order letter , he might get an immediate response but if he sends an application for leave , it may not be granted

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