What Is Behaviour ?

Behaviour may be defined as the way how people act as individual and as groups. Behaviour is defined as goal oriented activities of a person. Generally the behaviour of the person is determined by the goal which he wants to achieve. As a student, we want to get good division in examination. All our activities are concerned with study during examination and it develops a particular type of behaviour at the time..

After completion of education, now our aim is to settle in life. It is another goal, which determines our behaviour.So it can be said that behaviour is a series

of activities. As a human being, we are always doing something. Walking, talking, eating, sleeping, etc. In many cases, we are engaged in more than one activities at a time.For example, we are walking as well as talking with our friend. Sometimes, we may decide to change from one activity to something else.

Human Behaviour has always been a matter of research for behavioural scientists. Why people behave in a particular way is a very

complex process to search. Infact, the problems are so great that many scholars argue that there can be no precise science of behaviour. Human can not be treated like chemical or physical elements. Two parts of hydrogen to one part oxygen will always result in water, but such situation does not exists in human behaviour.

(i) Why do people engage in a particular activity ?

(ii) Why do they change activities ?

(iii) How can, as a manager, we understand and control the activities of a person ?

The question may be answered on the basis of this fact that the behaviour of every person depends on his needs, goals and motives in life. They arouse and maintain activity and determine the general direction of the behaviour of am individual

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