What Should Be A Choice Of Good Career

In the earlier days , professions used to be hereditary. So we didn’t have the choice to select one for us. This was because the occupations were few ,the skill and knowledge required for them were limited and the necessary training and experience were provided by the joint family system . Everything was being done on the basis of family profession.

But industrial revolution in the 18th century completely changed the standard of living. Today the choice of the career is not only possible but also necessary for every young man and women. Today it is necessity for everyone to have

their own choice of career.

The occupations have become too many and need specialized skills and knowledge which can be obtained through systematic and prolonged training .there is fierce competition in every field. Hence the choice of the career has become very difficult for the youth. The choice of choosing the right career is very much required and its been like , best you choose , best you get ….

It is not possible for a boy or girl to make the choice in teenage hence he or she has to consult parents, elders and teachers. He or she can even meet the professional

or the counselors to take their advice in choosing the right career for them. Their talk will immensely boost up your confidence.

In order to make a proper choice you must have information above the various streams of learning, the educational qualifications required for each and the institutions where facilities for such courses are provided the choice should be determined by your liking and the ability to devote the time and the labour to it.

If a person is forced upon an occupation which is not of his choice it will be a misfit for him. He will not be able to give his best to work it will result in frustration. He or she may commit suicide if they work in a profession which is not suited to them.

Naturally the one who chooses a career of his own choice will give his best and develop his own personality .this will make his life happy and worth living. 

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