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India : A Perfect Example of Unity In Diversity
Published By jontymagicman on 2011-04-18 2934 Views

It is often said that there is unity in diversity in India. The people of India are united with a common cultural heritage have a feeling of unity in spite of having external differences. From ancient times it is been seen that India is divided into various castes, creed , religions, regions but then too they are united as one whole nation. Nothing in the past have made them broken into pieces. It is an whole of a nation with a huge population , and will remain united in whatever condition they may put to.

India is a land of diverse physical features. There are snow capped mountains, hilly terrains, plains, plateaus, and coastal areas. There are deserts and places with extreme and scanty rainfall. There are regions with extreme and moderate climate.

People of India follow different religions and castes. They follow different customs, traditions and speak different languages. They also differ in dress and food.inspite of so many differences; people have a feeling of oneness .they are bound by common cultural heritage and they share basic human values. When Indians go abroad, they call themselves Indians and they are known as Indians.

Indian culture is dynamic and tolerant.indian culture is more varied and richer. Though the foreign cultures retained their basic character, they became a part of the Indian culture with the passage of time. The diversity of the Indians contributes to the variety and richness of Indian culture and strengthens national unity.

But intolerance and narrow mindedness may weaken national unity. We should therefore create conditions in which people should become conscious of the similarities which make them Indians rather than the dissimilarities which distinguish them from others. People must be encouraged to feel proud of India’s cultural heritage, of being called Indians while retaining their distinct features. India is a live example to the world to show them that they have Unity In Diversity. This country not only remains together in an emergency but also they remain together in natural calamities such as famines, floods and earthquakes. This country has become quite inspirational for the countries who have heavily been divided racially.        

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