Personality Development : The Need Of Developing A Scientific Attitude


Scientific attitude is a logical way of thinking clearly, reasonably without any disturbance or prejudice. Do you think it’s necessary? Yes, it is important because illogical thinking can create problems in our life. So better we think wisely.

Science teaches us to think correctly. Scientific attitude means not accepting any such fact which does not have any proof. Never accept a statement unless we are given the proof of it. Though we were told that the earth is round, we didn’t believe the fact. Galileo gave us many proofs also. So let’s understand one thing

that never comes to conclusions at once. Understand and verify every small thing. It the nature of human psychology that how easily we believe in rumors and gossips. And I can say many of us are responsible for doing this. Now-a-days a rumor which says the world will end in 2012 has spread worldwide. And people have already started committing suicides. This madness shows that how fast we get carried away by rumors.

When you have scientific attitude, you should not believe in superstitions or black magic types of things. Always believe in your own capacity to think and act wisely. For example if a student does not do well in his exams, then he

should be the one to blame himself and not his luck or stars. Some people believe in superstitions such as wearing a lucky locket or a chain may prove useful to them. But this is utter rubbish. Always carry a scientific attitude in mind and move on.

In the earlier days people did not have that much knowledge and were declared superstitious. But today now we know better. We are aware of the fact there is nothing like ghosts or something. It is a fear that has acquired place in the minds of the people.

Today we are living in the age of science, we should not believe in these things which spread like rumors. Having faith in such things can be a obstruction to our progress. We should develop a attitude which is quite scientific and logical. This is what is more important. So let’s be modern and carry a good, logical way of thinking with a scientific attitude and move on in life. 

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