Every Success Story Is Also A Story Of Great Failure



Generally Failure is the initial step to success. Failure is road to success. History tells us that the people whose stories seem to us successful are also stories of some of the biggest failures. There are two side of coin “Head and Tail” same is with life “Success and Failure”. Generally people only see only the success part of story and not failure part of story. Many people think successful person had “luck by chance”, that is he must be at right place at right time. There was a man whose

business crashed when he was 21 years old. He then contested for legislative race but was defeated, he was then 22. He then worked and did business for two years but was again failed. He lost his sweetheart and got nervous breakdown at the age of 27. After seven years when he was 34 he lost a congressional race. At an age of 46 he contested for senatorial race and was defeated. He then attempted for becoming vice-president at 47 but his effort failed. He again contested for senatorial race at 49 and was defeated. But at last of all those failure he was elected as a president of the United States at that time he was 52. That famous personality was Abraham Lincoln.

There was a man who was charged and publicly humiliated by district attorney, for doing fraud and misleading the public into buying his company stocks. He mislead people by a mere claim that he could transmit human voice across Atlantic

ocean. He then went on to invent triode tubes his name was Lee De Forest.

New York Times questioned Wright Brothers because they were working on a machine that could fly. After a lot of failure and hardships they went on to invent a machine that could fly. That machine was aeroplane.

Walt Disney in his earlier career went for many interviews to newspapers editors but they disqualified him saying that he had no talent. He then worked for the minister, he was told to draw funny pictures and cartoons. He suddenly saw a small mouse roaming here and there and this gave him the idea of Mickey Mouse.

Successful people don't do different things; they do things differently. Thomas Edison as a student had only three months of schooling. He sold newspapers to earn his living. He was trying to invent bulb but failed approximately 1000 times. When he finally invented bulb, he was asked what he learnt from his failures. He replied each times of his failure (999 times) he learnt that at least you cannot invent bulb with the previous attempt.

At age 67, due to fire his few million dollars factory burnt up. His lifetime work and great effort went up in smoke. He then went on to invent phonograph. All success stories are stories of great failures. Once a famous and successful personality said, “If you want to get success, then increase your failure rate”.

Sources: Shiv Kheda ---- You Can Win

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