How To - Tips And Tricks To Control Your Boyfriend To Know If He Really Loves You

Hey girls.... out there just eager to know whether your boyfriend really loves you or not .Well ... that's the question every girl really want to know . You have a boyfriend to whom you love very much , but confused that he loves you or not . It's not that easy to tell what boys want , but surely I will tell you the way by which he will not only love you but also been controlled by you.

Ya.... Ya .... I am sounding quite rude because no girl would want to control their boyfriend... because she loves him

very much .... right . Girl biggest mistake that makes her boyfriend to behave unusual to her is the showing of true love to him. Never show your emotions towards your boyfriend. That's where in spite of loving you he will not care for you. Now you must be thinking I am writing a hub which is just rubbish.

Believe me girls that's the biggest mistake every girl makes , even I did .I want to prove this by a proverb that was given by a famous biologist , he said :

"The more you love someone , the less serious is towards you "

Now this is world's most hard to digest quote. Isn't it. Wait let me ask you a simple question after telling you a love story of a girl named Esha and boy named Raj. They loved each other very much , they together spend a lot of good time. One day the boy left Esha and went to college for one year, to complete his studies. He promised her that he will written and will be together forever. In college he suddenly met a girl , her name was Jenny. As they were together in same college batch , they talked to each other everyday . Having to meet everyday, Raj felt that Jenny was the girl made for him not the Esha. He was confused what will he say to Esha when he will return back. As Raj returned back to his home , Esha couldn't control her emotions and did every possible thing to show how much she was happy and how much she loved him. That's was the moment made Raj feel that she loves him a lot . But he didn't care for her love and told her everything about the Jenny. He told her that he loves Jenny a lot.Esha hearing this felt insecure and told her about the past days when they were together. She tried every possible thing to make him feel that she was

the right girl and not the Jenny.

He never got serious toward her. She always cried for their love , but he always said he loves Jenny. After few years of togetherness of Raj and Jenny, Raj was a bit unconcerned for his love life. One day Raj went to a party where Raj saw Esha with her new boyfriend . She was happy and cherished , which she was not even when she was with Raj. After there meet Raj talked Esha and she introduced her boyfriend to them. Just seeing her happy Raj was a bit of sad . Raj tried to talk about his mistake , but she didn't shown consent for him. Esha also made him felt as if he was not even there.She told him about how happy now she was in her life. This made Raj felt sorry for whatever he did to Esha .

Raj asked her to forgive him and come back to his life. Hearing this she was happy and forgive him for whatever he did . She again came back to his life. How would that happen .......

(Actually Esha introduced her friend to Raj and not the boyfriend ..... she just made him show that he was the not only person in her life. )

What's the moral of the story ........

1. Negative part : Don't show your emotions toward your partner even when you love him so much. Atleast control your emotion infront your partner.

2. Positive part : Even at your worst condition never let show your boyfriend that without him you could not live. That's the moment when he will take you for granted and will not be concerned about your feeling.

3. Always show some sort of unfulfillness when he is with you ..... that's where he willpemper you and will do all the best possible to make you feel his love.

4. Just some sort of ignorance and some sort of controlled emotion will make you find that whether your boyfriend loves you or not . You will definitely find that he loves you , but everytime showing your concern to him will make him feel to take you for granted.

Most of the people would not would not agree to what I have written ..... but believe me from my personal experience I am dare to say that.

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