How To Keep Control Over Your Woman Or Girlfriend

Many men around the world are desperate to know how to control their women/girl friend.Generally women are not in control of the men who are quite emotional and quite sensitive.Many men who are emotional fools are been controlled by their women.

There are few things which if you follow will always make your girlfriend/women in your control….

Don’t be Emotional

Even in your worst situation don’t get carried away in front of women/girlfriend…Women always take advantage of your emotions… Don’t be too much sensitive in front of your girlfriend.Don’t even let your girlfriend know that you are totally , blindly dependent on her.


be Too Much Caring

Generally at starting of the love and sexual relationships both men and women don’t care much of each other. But as soon as they come more closer men tends to become more caring and loving , that’s where men make mistake… They usually take more care of them and bind them in what they like and what they don’t like.This doesn’t end the love , but usually make you less attractive in front of your girlfriend.

Make her Feel that She is not the Only Girl in Your Life

Men usually let know all of their feeling towards their women that

she is the only one whom he loves… Women likes it but she feels secure about you …. This security makes you less attractive infront of your women.Always tend to make her feel that their is someone other than her in your life. This will make her insecure and will be more caring for you .Thus will be in your control ….

Try Not to Fulfill her Each Demand

When you fulfil her all the demands , she feels nice at first …. but when this becomes more , women takes it as an advantage over you.This is where she will control your thoughts and life… Try to somewhat avoid her needs , and she will care for you…

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