Importance Of National Parks For Wild Life Preservation

National Parks are really an important aspect in keeping the wildlife safe and secure. Generally it is seen that in recent years many of the scarce species are on the verge of extinction. Indian tigers are left in just thousand, in numbers. They are facing a fear of getting extinct. Indian government is trying very much to keep this awesome species alive and be large in numbers. India has many National Parks for this very cause. INDIA has 12% of the total species of plants and animals. There is a lot of biodiversity in India. But these species are now

getting depleted in the growing years. The flora and fauna are getting destroyed by man.

Hence many nations have set up regions to protect these species, landscapes, wild animals and their habitats. Such places are referred to as the national parks. National parks provide opportunities like recreation, education, and inspiration for people who are nature lovers.

US was the first country to make a national park in 1872.but now many nations have wild life sanctuaries and such places. Such parks covers more than 40 lakh km.the best parks are located in Africa. There is a abundance of wildlife. They have tourist

attractions. Many governments being aware of the extinction of these species have set up parks to protect them. For example, china has set up the Hsifan reserve to protect the giant panda. The Indian tiger is now protected in several reserves, including the Corbett national park. The gir national park in Gujarat protects the lions, and kaziranga protects the rhinoceros. Some people consider kanha national park in Jabalpur.madhya Pradesh as the best place to protect the wildlife.

Many people are scared that the biodiversity in India is getting exhausted. An increasing population also wants to enjoy the nature. Hence this has promoted the setting up of national parks. The proper management of these national parks requires the co-operation of the local people. Thus people should not be eradicated to make way for wildlife sanctuaries. It is duty of every nation around the world to have a way to secure wild life and National Parks is the one way to do it. 

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