Importance Of Holidays In Our Busy Day To Day Life

Time spent in Holidays are the best memories given to us by the God. Holidays are necessary for school going kids. They know the value of every single minute spent in it. Holidays are most desirable to them then anything else. They feel happy and take it as a joy to celebrate something they want. No more school lessons , no more homework and no more teacher. For grown ups it brings sheer relaxation from work pressure and studies. If we talk about importance of Holidays, if they come at right intervals of time then they are necessary for the

young people who have to deal with mental work which is continuous and without break.

If we don’t have a quota of Holidays at a regular interval then it will hamper our health and may even cause nervous break down. Generally a short interval of break always bring to us all the lost energy which is essential for the work. Generally Holidays can be quite

harmful if they are spent with idleness , drinking and playing. Instead of making a person healthy it affects health badly. Instead of doing good to a person it does harm even more than work do.

So If we are working for a big company sitting in closed offices 8-9 hours , we should get out in pure air and enjoy some of the sports and recreation. We should get enough of sleep so that we are refreshing and full of life. We should avoid to be completely idle and be healthier by spending it with joy and happy.

Holidays gives us a memories of a lifetime. A time spent in summer / winter vacation is the best time anyone experiences in life whether small or grown up kid.

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