Clarity : Important Principle Of Communication Skills


The process of communication starts with the sender and thus the sender has to be clear both in thought and expression , in order to communicate effectively .


Before communicating , the sender should have clear thought for which he should be clear in following three points :
(1) What is objective of communication ?
(2) What actual message is ?
(3) Which is suitable medium for achieving the purpose ?


The sender transmits the message through a medium to the receiver , for which he has to encode the message in a way that it is

logically and sequentially coded so that receiver can get exact idea of the transmitter's mind after decoding it. To encode the message , the sender needs words , here sender should be very careful about the meanings of the words and their organisation. Such as :

(1) Use of simple words : Sender should use simple words instead of the pompous words.....
(2) Use of single words phrases : Sender should use single word

for a long and pompous phrase..
example : sender can use the word - "although" instead of long phrase such as "despite the fact that"

(3) Use of concrete words : Concrete words provide the exact meaning and have definite and specific sense..... for example : instead of using "in near future" we can use the words which can give the exact meaning - i.e. say "On Monday evening"
(4) Use of verbs instead of nouns : As verbs brings simplicity .......

(5) Avoid negative statement : Using positive statement may bring positive effect to the reader
for example : We should avoid - 'We do not find any major problem' for this we may use 'We would be pleased to help'........
(6) Avoid use of foreign words .....
(7) Avoid use of double meaning words ........

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