The Importance Of Unified Modeling Language: Uml

The Entity-relationship diagrams not only helps in modelling and creating data parts of a software and hardware system.Here representing data is only one basic part of an overall designing of the system. Other parts also not only add models of user interactions with system, specification of characteristic and functional modules of the system. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a powerful standard developed under the Object Management Group (OMG) for creating specifications of various parts of a software system.

Some important parts of UML are:
1. Basic and Efficient Class Diagram
A class diagram is similar to an Entity-Relationship diagram.

They are very much closely related to Entity-Relationship diagram. The class diagram helps us to know what a object will contain when a object is created in a program.

2. Automatic

Use Case Diagram
Most Use case diagram show the communication between users and the system. Use case diagram helps understanding the user dealing the system in a various possibilities.

3. Functional Activity Diagram
Functional Activity Diagram shows the flow of tasks and process between various parts of a system. Functional activity diagram is overall flow of the system.

4. Implementation Diagram
Implementation Diagrams show the system parts and their communications, both at the software components level and the hardware component level...

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