Importance Of Having Good Hobbies In Our Daily Life

Leisure is the spare time at one’s disposal. It is a time when one can relax and have rest and do whatever one wants. One can therefore pursue an interesting hobby or occupation. Any favorite activity pursued during spare time for relaxation is called a hobby. Keeping with you a good hobby is must now a days. Whole of the day you can’t spend with enjoyment if you don’t have a good hobby. Generally lot of people all around the world have hobbies as a way to do good timepass. If we see closely at our lives we do indulge

in some sort of hobby to make our free time fruitful.

Hobbies when taken seriously can lead to passion for the particular subject. In fact most of the people have passion for the things they often do for the enjoyment.

Different people pursue different hobbies.drawing, painting, music.dancing, photography, swimming, riding, cycling, coin collecting are some common hobbies. Persons of middle class can pursue hobbies like coin collecting, cycling, painting and so…hobbies such as reading cost nothing. But hobbies like photography are quite expensive. Some hobbies like swimming, cycling, dancing involve a lot of physical exercise. Gardening is a work for a Gardner but may be a hobby for a


The choice of a hobby depends upon one’s occupation, interests and likes-dislikes. This activity must bring in lot of rest and relaxation and must not strain a person a lot. Hobbies must just provide fun and joy. There is no hobby which becomes a problem or a burden hobby brings variety in our life. It provides rest, pleasure and relaxation. It helps us in developing our natural interests. It refreshes our soul as well our mind and our body. Our personality becomes more balanced. The hobby developed from childhood can be developed over the years. It’s too late to develop a hobby at an older age.

The way people use their leisure time shows the quality of the person. Pursuing useless or harmful hobbies may lead to one’s downfall hobby is indeed necessary for the fullest enjoyment of life.

So have a good hobby, keep yourself happy and entertaining ...

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