5 Simple Steps To Build A Good Positive Personality

1. Accept Responsibility:

1. Accept Responsibility:

It is very well said by Albert Hubert that “Responsibilities comes to only those who have power to take it on their shoulders.” Taking up the responsibilities shows maturity of a man. Generally most people take credit when something goes right and good. But only a few people take the responsibility when something wrong or bad have happened. Generally Pettiness causes us to ignore our responsibilities. Stop playing the game of blaming others. If you have committed anything wrong or some task has been given to you, then after failing to perform it Don’t say these words ------

“Everyone does it like that way” “Nobody does it like that way” “It’s your entire fault” Saying such words would lead to bad human being and bad personality. So step no. 1 for positive personality is “Accept Responsibility”.

2. Think Win-Win and show consideration for everyone:

Once a died man was asked by God, where you will like to go “Heaven or Hell”. The man told can I decide after visiting it. When he entered Hell he saw group of people sitting alone, frustrated, hungry despite of tones of food lying on a large table. The problem with them was they had 4 feet long hands and legs. So despite of all the food there they were unable to eat it. Then he visited Heaven where he saw same situation, but all people in group were happy and cherished. People in group were happy and cherished because they all thought of having consideration towards each other. They never thought of winning the game alone, but they always had consideration towards each other. By their long hands they picked the food, despite unable to eat with those long hands, they used it to feed others and the same they got. Thus it was a win-win situation for each of them.

3. Choose Your Words Carefully:

“Spoken words cannot be retrieved” is a very well said proverb that goes with each and everyone around the world. Once you spoke, it’s all yours thoughts which describe your nature and personality. Just speaking what has came into your mind, would result you to listen the thing which you don’t like or expect. So just think before you speak. I

would like to tell you a story of a boy who abused his school friend. Hearing this father told him to do a task for him. His father told him to take few pennies and throw it in a river. He did the same thing what was ordered by his father. Now his father told him to get back all those pennies from the river. He tried and failed. On this his father told him that son “Spoken words cannot be retrieved”. So choose your words carefully.

4. Don’t Criticize and Complain:

A famous personality once said “Don’t criticize anyone for something that he cannot help”. Criticize and complain go side by side.

Actually criticism goes into two types:

a. Positive Criticism

b. Negative Criticism

Doing Positive criticism of somebody generally must be constructive. Whereas Negative criticism has to deal with letting someone down. Giving someone inferior feeling by words is Negative criticism, but criticizing for the good or help is Positive criticism. For developing a good and positive personality you must have a positive way of criticizing others which help him in life. It just goes like being a good coach, helping someone in right direction.

5. Smile and Be Kind:

Physical gestures also have impact on developing a positive personality. Generally having smile on the face shows the brighter side of you. Smile must not be fake. Smile on ones face make other also smile. Kindness is yet another virtue which makes good and positive personality. Being kind to someone makes you grow as a good human being. Having a good smile would make you feel like living larger than life. Frustrated people are not liked by anyone. So positive personality needs smiling face and kindness.

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