How To Become Sun Certified Java Programmer In Ten Easy Steps

Want to crack SCJP 1.6 successfully above 90+ percentage ? ... Want easy steps to prepare for Sun Certification ? ...

Well , I personally as a Software Developer has cleared this exam recently with a percentage of 98. I want to share with you the ways which can make exam easy for you. Just follow these 10 steps and you would score well high above what you have expected.

1. Read Head First Java book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates whether you are at beginner or an intermediate level in Java Programming Language. This book is for the people who

are new to Java and this book also teaches intermediate level people to remember the concepts through diagrams and images. So my advice is first go through this book to get most of the feel of Java.

2. Read SCJP Sun Certified Java Programmer For Java 6 (Exam 310-065) by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. This is the book which is been written 100% to clear this SCJP exam. Kathy Sierra itself is co-developer of this exam. So a book from them is much to see through. Read this book twice and even thrice because whole book is ideal to crack this exam.

3. Go for the Mock Exams available on the Internet. If you don't find the mocks on the Internet just go through the book well in question and answers part. The books also comes with the 3 mocks exam , so go through it well because they are much tougher than the real exam.

4. Go for the Dumps free available on the Internet. Dumps are very much important to crack the exam successfully. Just go through the free dumps available on the internet , and solve 300 to 400 questions 2 days before the exam and believe me above 90% are for sure if you have done dumps successfully.

5. Practice programming code not by writing but by typing in the Notepad or any other text editor. This is important typing the code makes the concept go through directly in your brain. It takes time to type and so as

well the code to get memorized.

6. Study regularly for 2-3 hours a day and if possible have a group study. Have 2-3 friends combine studies for this exam , if not possible then you must be at least regular in your studies for 2 - 3 hours a day.

7. Just no matter what make your quick notes and just one day before exam have a look at it. Its very important just make it for the party after success at the exam. Having a revision makes concepts fresh and get well in your mind for at least one day, that is your exam day.

8. Have in you quality learn by fun. Don't force yourself to any concept to just mug up and move ahead. Believe me you will forget it in few days. Just make your studies fun and read till you feel that you are enjoying. As soon as you feel that you are tired leave it for the next day. Keep your body well hydrated because water makes our nervous system quite well in functioning properly.

9. Sleep well one night before the exam. Don't go for the night studies to see notes or doing dumps. Leave that notes and dumps it if you have not done it well , but have a proper sleep. People take it lightly but this will make you more focused to the exam.

10. In exam be relax and calm in any critical situation. If you have followed above steps successfully then 3 hours time is more than sufficient to crack the exam. In any tense situation in exam take deep breaths and then leave slowly. This help you to get focused and concentrate hard on the questions.                                                                   

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