Winners Versus Losers : An Approach To Versatile Life

This morning when I was reading a book , I came to one of the good article around me . The book is named as "You can win" written by a professional "Shiv Kheda" . His book had this article called "Winners Versus Losers" . I am presenting this to you as in my own words , what generally I basically understood , the 'Vs' goes like this :

Winner is always part of the solution . But loser is always part of problem .
Winner always has some new programme to do . But loser always have some new excuse.

/> Winner always says "I will do it for you" . Loser always says "This is not my job".
Winner always says "Despite of difficulties this work can be done" . loser always says that "This work can be done but it is difficult".
Winner on his mistakes says "Its my fault" . Loser on his mistakes would say "Its not my fault" .
Winner always do what he
promises . Loser have attitude that promises are meant to be broken .
Winner always says "I must do something". Loser always says "some thing should happen on its own" .
Winner is always part of the team . Loser tries to make parts in team .
Winner looks for the good . Loser looks for the problems .
Winner nature is like a Thermostat . Loser nature is like a Thermometer.
Winner always thinks and then speak . Loser always speaks and then thinks .
Winner always end their works . Loser always wait for work to be end .
Try to have nature like a Winner not like a Loser . Apply these rules in your life and personality. You will be at top in no time .

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