Completeness And Conciseness Two Important Principles Of Communication

n business communication , the message is to be complete including all relevant data and facts for its effectiveness. In written communication all the vital information is to be included otherwise it will act as a barrier and will affect the communication process.

For example , in an order letter , all information like the detail of the product , quantity , size , shape , color , model number , mode of payment , time or duration when goods are required , place where goods are to be sent ; should necessary be included.

In oral communication also message should

be complete otherwise the receiver is not able to give the desired feedback or raises the question for complete feedback .....

Following points make the communication complete ......

(1) Check your reply to find out whether you have given answer to all the questions. For e.g. if your customer demands a quotation , you will have to mention the details which have been asked in the letter.

(2) Check five 'wh' questions - Who , When , Why ,Where , What.....

For example , you have to write a notice to call a meeting , you will have to think about the invitees , time and date , venues

, purpose of the meeting and the agenda .


Time language : "Chronomics" is a form of non-verbal communication .

In today's world time is precious for all the people as they are so busy in their daily course , that they can't spare time for their families.

Thus for any sort of communication , the speaker should develop a skill to communicate the points in brief.

Brevity is an important characteristic of good and effective communication but it should not be achieved at the cost of clarity , correctness , completeness and courtesy....

Following four rules should be applied in providing a concise message :-

(1) be to the point - only relevant facts are to be included.

(2) Avoid repetition - the facts , commands should not be repeated , as this induces monotony and irritation , the reader feels to be befooled .......

(3) proper organisation of message-the message should be logically arranged to make communication concise ......

(4) avoid verbosity cliched and wordy expressions should not be used in communication .......

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