Bring Rs. 70,00000 Crores Indian Black Money From Swiss Bank Back ..... Come And Join This Mass Movement

Will India become Super Power someday ??? .... Will India stands tall as the most advanced country in the world ??? ... Well ... Answer to these question is "YES". Just by any means bring those Rs. 70,00000 Crores black money to India back from Swiss Banks.


That's not a joke ... this much amount of black money is enough to make India Super Power. Well could this be possible ??? .. yes , it is possible. The people of India can do it. Its protest and pressure which can make government of India to step forward to it.

Britishers ruled on

India for more than 200 years and they took wealth of 1 lakh crores rupees of India. Our Politicians have ruled India for 60+ years and they have captured the wealth of 70,00000 crores of India. All this money is the black money which is kept in secure Swiss bank accounts. Well , this money legally belongs to Government of India for the progress of the nation.

Everywhere in Politics is corruption , from Top level officials to local low level every single person is corrupted. Here word politics truly gets its definition as : Poli means "many" and tics means "blood sucking insects". Thus , Politicians are those blood sucking insects who prevail corruption as disease in Indian Economy. They are sucking out blood in the form of money. Common Wealth Games 2010

is the perfect example of such corrupted system. Guys like Suresh Kalmadi and his subordinates should not be left for such corruption. I personally feel sorry for the people of this country who could not have a voice against this sort of corruption.

It's our money , its money of the farmer working for 24 hours in a day and still have no food for one time, its money of labors who are working just to survive that single day , its money of those mothers , sisters , widows who's son , brother and husband have gave their life for the sake of the nation. Even Swiss bank have some what agreed to help in this matter in future.

So people of India , if there is any way to bring that money back to India , do it .... Share it , blog it , facebook it , tweet it. Just spread awareness... I am doing my bit ... do it and show you are true Indian ....  

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Article Written By jontymagicman

I am DInesh Varyani.

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