Top 5 Best Proven Tips To Crack An Job Interview

Hello friends , today I am posting about how to crack an Job Interview. Friends my tips are not an ordinary internet expert tips but they are my very own personal experience which I have faced in my recent interviews and still improving on it. The interview tips which I am going to present before you are what I feel made me success to World's top most IT and Telecommunications support company called "AMDOCS".

I am quite eager to share my rejection and selection to direct to best company in business. Friends believe me each rejection to an interview is worth

a selection. Before my recruitment to Amdocs and Infosys , I have faced 15 rejection to other companies. Each rejection made me strong and helped me to analyse my confidence level , technical knowledge , communication skills and positive attitude towards an interview.

So here are my top best advice to face an Personal Interview :

1. Eye Contact :- Generally and truly by my personal experience many people bluff or say something to an interviewer which they don't feel confident about. That's the rejection point. Interviewer observes what a interviewee tells closely by looking at their eyes. Many a times I personally felt telling lies made me look away from an interviewers eye. Friends believe me whatever you say just look at interviews eye, whether you say true or bluff just maintain eye contact .

2. Take a deep breath everytime :- Friends this advice helped me cracking interview of Amdocs International . The interviewer tried each possible way of creating a stress around me. Firing of sudden questions , cross questions , and even made me believe a correct answer unsatisfactory. Just don't loose your calm and patience. The best way to keep calm and mind cool is to take a

deep breath each time you answer.

3. Be polite and positive :- My way to Infosys interview gone through a hell lot of don't knows. Just be polite to interviewer don't argue much . Infosys interview was one of my such example. From 12- 15 questions asked to me I politely replied sorry to 7 questions. This is stress creating situation in an interview. But I kept my positive and polite towards the interviewer.

4. Show your Strengths :- In 40 to 1 hour of an interview just once have force in your voice when you are telling your strengths. This is your only chance to tell an interviewer why the hell you are best. Whether you have those strengths in you or not , just forcefully make him believe why you are hard worker , reliable and leader. You can put fake life examples or real life examples where your qualities have made you proud.

5. Practice before an Interview :- There is a well known saying that practice makes perfect. Well friends this is my last personal advice to you, just have a demo of an fake interview before night . Try to be with your family members to ask you some questions about the personal qualities . If family members and friends are not available which was my case .... I just stood before an mirror and started describing myself loudly and looking into my own eyes fully .....

Friends you may feel above things humorous but feel to have some of it though in a funny way. You will be surprised to see the effect .

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