Top List Of Major International Organizations

Major international organizations

To discuss the various issues regarding public welfare, many international organizations have been set up. Issues regarding the world are considered rather than those of the individual. These organizations are not involved in politics but they somehow get involved in political matters.

INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF): It consists of 184 members. It was made in 1944 and its main objective is to promote world trade. It contributes towards the working of world trade activities. It is one of the most powerful organization of the world.
UNITED NATIONS (UN): A total of 191 countries of the world are members of

the UN. It was founded in the year 1945. The general assembly makes major decisions over the peacekeeping of the world . It also enacts laws on the human rights and are very much strict towards it.
WORLD BANK (WB): The World Bank being founded in the year 1944 and has about 184 members. It helps in the development of countries. It provides loans also. Generally it helps those countries who are still developing.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (AI): It being helpful towards charity was founded in the year 1961. This charitable organization works for human rights all over the world.
is also a major part of the United Nations. It is related to the promotion of health matters all over the world. It wants to raise the standard of medical facilities. It aims at monitoring huge dangerous diseases.
WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO): The Swiss based WTO encourages international trade by establishing multilateral and bilateral trade agreements.
UNITED NATION’S CHILDREN’S FUND (UNICEF): It was founded in the year works in order to improve health and the welfare of women and children. It is one of the most powerful organization of the world when it comes to help for women and children.
UNITED NATION’S EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO): It was set up in 1946. It encourage various countries to come united in matters such as culture. Education and science.
NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION (NATO): It was founded in 1929, in USA in Washington. It is a defense treaty that was signed by 10 foreign ministers now there are 26 member countries. Its headquarters are at Belgium

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