Personality Development : Change Focus , Look For The Positive .

We should always be in search of good things . We should try to look for the positive things in the life. Instead of looking for the bad things in the people , we should try to look for positive and good things in the people . We have made our environment such that we only see the bad and negative aspect of life , that's why we have been missing the positive aspect of the life.

I would like to tell you a story . Andrew Carnegie in his early life went to America for doing some work. He started

his journey from doing small work. One day he became owner of the big steel company , even under him worked 43 millionaire. The year was 1920.

Some one asked him , "How you treat your colleagues and people around you". He told them

his behaviour towards them was just like mining of gold. He told them as to dig out 1 ounce of gold we have to remove many tonnes of soil , but our mind is on the gold , not on the soil . Same is the case with the people , we have to find the gold(positive) out of them , not to look for the soil (bad things) . In searching this we will find tonnes of weakness and bad qualities , but our mind must be set on the positive and good qualities of the people .
As if you would say that place is heaven , people having criticizing nature would even tell you tonnes of negative things about it ........

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