Top 8 List Of Lost Cities Of The World

LOST CITIES Now-a-days there are many cities which are now not existing. Now the names are not mentioned because they are destroyed or abandoned. Some of the following cities are: ANGKOR, CAMBODIA: This city had an area of about 78 and was surrounded by watery bodies. More than a million people lived there.angkor was once the largest city in the world. It was left in AD 1100.the first westerner to discover the city was Henry mouhot in 1861. ATLANTIS: People say that there was a city and the islands of atlantis.they say that it got destroyed due to the earthquake it was
in the Mediterranean Sea that got flooded 12,000 years ago. But actually no one knows where it was and where it existed. CHICHEN ITZA, MEXICO: this city was once the centre of Mayan empire. It was founded in AD 400 and got abandoned in AD 1200.many buildings were built in Mayan rituals. UR, IRAQ: it was one of the greatest cities in the world once. But unfortunately it got abandoned in 4th century BC.the archeologists excavated the magnificent royal tombs and other sites in 1922-34.many other sites and treasures were discovered. TROY, TURKEY: people say it existed only among the legends. But its site was
discovers in 1870ís. MACHU PICCHU, PERU: the American explorer Hiram Bingham stumbled on the top of the mountain in the Inca city. In the meanwhile he was searching for vilcabamba.this was another lost Inca city. POMPEII, ITALY: the history of this city is as such that the entire city got buried due to volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.the nearby city Herculaneum was also buried at the same time. The process of excavation began in 1748 and many beautiful treasures were discovered.therea is plaster casts being made. These are made up of the bodies of inhabitants who were buried beneath the debris. CLIFF PALACE (MESA VERDE), Colorado, USA: this is a Native American city tat is built on a high cliff side. But it is said that the city was abandoned during a huge drought in the 13th century. No one was aware of this till 18th December 1888,when Richard Wetherill a local farmer found it while he was looking for the stray cattle.

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